What Our Customers Say!

Gilenson, in Livingston, Dave makes house calls.  The man knows more about grills and grilling then anyone I've ever met. As their tag line says, “The Gas Grill Experts", Dave has been around for ages.
Dorothy, Belleville, NJ
I recently moved into the area and posted the question: "who sells and services outdoor grills". I received 15 responses and they all recommended Gilenson.

Miriam, Millburn NJ

I needed a new grill and naturally thought about purchasing one from one of those big box stores. Big mistake! They don't know their ass from their elbow. I went to Gilenson - The Gas Grill Experts in Livingston and was taught what makes for a good grill and why they deserve my hard earned money. They had better quality products and tons more knowledge and expertise. Boy am I glad I bought from them........
Chuck, Short Hills, NJ

I went to Gilenson on Saturday before Fathers Day and had a working grill by Sunday!  I never thought I would have a new grill up and running the same day. 

Ian, West Orange NJ
I went to Gilenson on Saturday before Fathers Day and had a working grill by Sunday! I never thought I would have a new grill up and running the same day.
Ian, West Orange NJ

Dave came to service my grill and now it works like New..... 

Debbie, Randolph NJ

When I called Gilenson to come and service my grill they gave me an appointment for a specific day and time not a 3 hour window like other places. Did I mention they were on-time?! 

Lisa, West Orange, NJ

I arranged to have my grill serviced and I got a phone call telling me that they were running late. No service company ever called me......... 

Eric, Verona NJ

Gilenson is as honest as they come.  I wanted to replace my stainless steel cooking grates and was told that it wasn't necessary.  They saved me $75.00.

David Gilenson, The Gas Grill Expert cooked at my BBQ.  Boy was it tasty!  I would recommend him in a heartbeat.... 

Alyssa, Millburn, NJ

I attended a cooking demonstration at my Temple headed by David Gilenson and learned how not to burn my chicken and how to bake chocolate chip cookies on the grill.  WOW! 

Eric L. Randolph NJ

I had Gilenson install my new grill with a gas line and it works great!  My friend, who has the same exact grill, wondered why his grill isn't as hot as mine.  I told him to call The Gas Grill Experts and they repaired his Faulty installation and now he's as happy as me. 

Mason, Springfield, NJ

I had Gilenson service my grill and he told me I had "killed" my grill.  He repaired it and replaced a lot of parts for free!  He told me it was under guarantee.  If he told me I need a new one I would have gladly bought one from him. I never met an honest serviceman like him. 

Fred, Springfield, NJ

I told my friend, "I don't care what you buy as long as you buy from Gilenson". 

Larry, Livingston NJ

My grill fell over in the middle of a barbeque on Sunday and I called David Gilenson. When he arrived, my friends and I had bets how long it would take him to fix it and we were all wrong.  HE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! 

Sam, West Orange