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My grandfather immigrated to this country and opened a hardware store in 1924.  My father was born into the business and in the early 1960’s outdoor gas grills were born and at age nine, collecting $8.50 for a service call, I was my father’s service department.

Today, Gilenson The Gas Grill Experts is a full service company.  We offer quality sales, service and installations. We sell the Weber brand exclusively and are a premier Alliance Dealer.

In addition to our Sales, Service and Installations we offer hands on cooking classes so that you can get more out of your grill and from that has come leads for a personal chef.  Let us cook for your next barbeque so that you can better enjoy yourself at your own party.

The level of service that my company provides is unsurpassed.  The customer always gets a live person on the phone. A specific day and time for service never a 3-5 hour window and if we’re late a phone call is always made.  I absolutely treat my customers the exact way I want to be treated.  Unfortunately this is not the norm and another reason why one should do business with Gilenson The Gas Grill experts.

I have come to realize that most of America has a grill and this topic of conversation is always popular no matter who you are talking to.  Whether you’re a white or blue collar worker, upper, middle or lower class, rich or poor .  The grill is the center of many a good time.

Outdoor grilling is a true American past time and if you were to introduce your own enthusiasm to whomever you might be talking to you will find the playing field will immediately be leveled and nothing but positive feelings will surface.  Who knows maybe this topic is perfect to diffuse heated conversations or complicated deals.

In the course of my day it is common for me to see 10-12 homeowners, the perfect opportunity to work the networking philosophy that BNI has to offer.  Consequently if you chose to recommend Gilenson The Gas Grill Experts to your clients I am sure the topic and referral would be well received and more so, appreciated.

In closing I want to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and reiterate my company’s level of expertise.  Whether you’re looking for,  free advice as to which grill is right for you, expert and professional service or flawless installations. Gilenson The Gas Grill Experts is your one stop resource for outdoor grilling.