Interesting Facts

Things You Might Find Interesting...
85% of us Own an Outdoor Gas, Charcoal or Electric Grill
65% of us Use it Year-Round
Less than 5% of Owners Service their Grill Regularly Big Mistake!
Taste Tests have Concluded there is No Difference between Gas and Charcoal
The Northeast Region of the USA is the Largest Market of Natural Gas Grills
Liquid Propane (LP) is more Popular Nationally and Worldwide
Bee's make their Hives inside Grills because they know the Warm Temps. Incubate their Eggs well
Rodents Chew on Hoses because they Contain Corn Oil to keep them Pliable
Your Grill is Also an Oven
Carbonized Grease is Peeling from inside your hood NOT PAINT
Spider Webs clog Valves and Other Components Restricting or Preventing Gas Flow