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Frequently Aked Questions

Q) My grill doesn't light?
A) If natural gas be sure main valve supplying grill is on. If Liquid Propane be sure there is sufficient gas in tank. Valve, orifice or burner may be clogged, Usually with a spider web. The automatic igniter may be faulty and this expert is not a fan of auto igniters. Most manufacturers provide a means to light your grill manually with matches or a butane igniter.
Q) The heat is uneven?
A) Gas supply to burner may be obstructed. Remove orifice from valve and remove, most likely, cob web. Cast iron burners corrode quickly and clog the holes. You can try and drill out the holes or replace with a stainless steel burner.
Q) My grill is not hot enough, never was
A) If natural gas, the gas line may be improperly sized or has an obstruction. If Liquid Propane, the hose from the grill to the tank may be kinked.
Q) The paint is peeling from inside my lid
A) This is not paint! It is carbonized grease. Simply take a brush, scraper or vacuum and remove excess from lid.
Q) Why are my cooking grates rusting
A) If cast iron they need to be seasoned with vegetable shortening. If porcelain coated, from normal use of brushes or spatulas the porcelain has come off and the steel is exposed and therefore the rust will occur.Stainless Steel is this Experts cooking grate of choice.
Q) Flames are coming out from behind my control knob
A) Remove the burner assembly and clean the venture, usually from a cob web.
Q) Black Soot is on the grill and my food
A) The burner venturi may be clogged with a cob web preventing sufficient air to mix with the gas. The flame is inefficient and producing excess carbon.
Q) I always burn my food due to grease fires
A) Excess grease has accumulated in the cook box or grease pans and will flash into a flame when the temperature reaches the right temperature. Clean your grill of excess grease accumulations several times a year.
Q) Can I convert my grill from one fuel to another
A) Maybe! Contact the manufacturer but keep in mind that propane and natural gas are two very different fuels and the control valves are designed for that specific fuel. Converting may require changing the valves/manifold. This may also void the manufacturers guarantee.
Q) What kind of grill should I buy
A) More importantly; who should I buy my grill from. Give your hard earned money to a dealer who has truly earned your business and has proven to be knowledgeable and dependable. It is then safe to strongly consider there recommendation. Remember to always as for references.